​It's Easy to Double Your Sales When Give Your Customers EXACTLY What They Want

A Simple Step-by-Step  Roadmap To Tell Your Customer's Story in All Your Marketing.... Like You're Reading Their Mind

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​Time For Change

​Eliminate clutter and confusion  when you redesign your website. Today’s buyers want solutions that are simple and straightforward. Let’s give them what they want!

Improved Connections

Here's what happens next. When you're speaking to the heart of your customer, they feel like you know them better than they know themselves. Imagine connecting with your audience like never before.

Get Your Life Back

Until finally, ​you  are getting back to what you love, a business that is working for you instead of you working for your business!

​Can I Help You with Your ​Marketing?

your ​ c​ALL

In our 30 minute call we'll pinpoint your​ ​opportunities.  ​We'll discover what's best for you ​​as we leverage​ your unique qualities.

YOUR ​Custom

And then, we'll take a look at your website and ​how ​to optimize your efforts.  I'll design a practical and affordable Marketing Roadmap for you.


As a result, you'll have a customized  Marketing Roadmap and a guide to help you. Your story has a happy ending.  You have time for​ doing what you love. Working ​on your business instead of ​in your marketing.

​Meet Linda James Bennett

Shiny Object Marketing

Your Marketing guide

Meet your Small Business Guide.

I help brands create their customer's story in all their marketing.

​As a small business, how do you find the time and energy to stay on top of the latest marketing trends? How do you decide which ones will work for you? 

but, ​​My Business Is Different.

As a small business, you have different needs compared to a mid to large size business while they have the big digital support staff you have a lean and mean organization.

Are you looking around for your team? Your team probably looks like a furry pet with floppy ears and a wagging tail.

Yes, a small business is a lonely place when it comes to flushing this out.  You need someone who knows content creation and curation, mobile, social, SEO, and lead generation with insider secrets to moving the needle.

You can't afford to hangout with your low margins and even worse your discount- hungry competition. 

Move up the Food Chain.

You have to position yourself as the premium brand to get premium prices. Commodities are at the bottom of the food chain and honestly is that where you want to be?

​The magic is in your story.

You deserve to have the same advantages the big companies have.

Let's Rock Your Story!

Let's go round-up your best customers and bring them into your tribe. Let's rock your story, together! 

Schedule your call today, while there's still time. Yes, I do get busy so you may have to wait.

​What D​o I Offer?

Sales Copywriting
​​Storytelling * Marketing  Collateral * ​Email Campaigns * Blogging * Web Pages * Testimonials

​Monthly Based * Weekly Calls * Project Based

​Brand Strategy
​Sales ​Funnels * ​Branding * Elevator Pitches * One-Liner * Reboot your website

World Class Marketing for Small Business

Get to your goals faster with a winning storytelling strategy. With our ​clean marketing strategy it's possible for you to have
the same opportunities as multi-million dollar corporations.

​​Customer Story

Create your winning stories to
connect to your customers.

Achieve your goals

Watch your results soar with a
simplified marketing process that works.


On point


You'll reach the right customers when they understand how you help them.