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Simply. Smart. Marketing 

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As the Marketing Director, it's your job to have the answers. When the usual solutions that aren't working, maybe it's time for a change.


Imagine life when you're naturally attracting all the profitable clients you've been searching for.

Your laser targeted language is resonating with your customers.

Together we create your story. The story of you, guiding your customer to their happy ending with your product/service.

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Good News! You're right there really is a 'Silver Bullet'. There's a way to get predictable results that is crushing it and you did it.

You're sleeping better knowing that you have what it takes to get the job done. You've created a clear brand message that's growing your bottom line.

You are now the Marketing Director with superpowers.

Working together we will.....

  • Your customer will understand what to do next and why, when we wireframe your website. A site that's intuitive and user friendly.
  • We'll convert prospects into customers with sales copy that speaks to their success with your product or services. Creating lead generating marketing collateral, i.e. reports, brochures, and email campaigns.
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    Working through the Marketing Strategy Session you'll drive more traffic, convert more people, and eliminate confusion.
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    We'll create a sales funnel that does the heavy lifting for your sales process. You'll magnetically attract customers to grow your bottom line.

Why Linda James Bennett

Simply. Smart. Marketing

I know that you want a flourishing business. To do that, you need an efficient and proven marketing solution. The problem is most marketing is a money pit  leaving you frustrated and confused. We believe that marketing shouldn't be so complicated. more