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How to Grow Your Small Business With A Blog

blogging for small business

What does it take to be different?Are you asking these questions, should I start a blog for my business? If I started a blog, what would I write about? Do I have time to write a blog and run my business? Can you really grow your small business with a blog?Those are great questions, and […]

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Why Advertising Mistakes Are Scary

Is This Ad Misleading? I came across this magazine ad recently; the picture was sweet and appealing. I was shocked to see the company behind the ad and their message. Take this quiz (answer at the bottom) What do you think they’re selling? mattresses father’s day baby products mortgage loans As a small business, with […]

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How Marketing Strategies Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Discover The 4 Game Changer Strategies Successful Companies Are Using That Will Turn Your Business Around I going to share with you the marketing strategies to growing your bottom line that I’ve learned from Fortune 500 companies.These are the same companies that you see and hear from everyday, that you welcome into your homes, mailboxes, […]

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How Outsourcing Can Help You Win The Game

Confession from an outsource convert and my friend. Are you doing everything to generate leads for your business? How do you run your business? Yourself? Recently, I fully understood the meaning of working outside of my talents. I’m very good at marketing strategies, but not good at many things outside of that. Just to confirm it […]

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The Insider’s Guide To Cosmetic Mistakes

I’m addicted to watching HGTV as they decorate and remodel homes, my form of reality TV.  Transforming them into like new – wow where are those people when you need them. I love the irony of the potential buyers when they comment on the decorating done by the current homeowners; they don’t like the colors, […]

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