STORYBRAND SHINY - Shiny Object Marketing,StoryBrand Certified, Orlando, Fl

How do

That's what you're thinking  right?

So you read Building a Story Brand or maybe you've taken the course, and you love it. The premise just makes sense,  we all live in our own story, so naturally we should create a story around our business. Every morning you wake up knowing that you are the hero in your own story.

Ready to conquer the world, let's start with putting on your superhero cape and applying your StoryBrand idea.

Because you're wondering - will this work for me? If it did work for me, where would I start? Who understands my business, like I do?

If you're a small business with less than 5 employees or even a solopreneur who is searching for the secret sauce for your business, then you're in the right place. This is the place for small businesses who want more money in their bank and get it as fast as possible.

After all the reason to be in business is to make money, not learn spider-like marketing design strategies, that is for middle to large businesses with a big staff and huge chunks of cash.

I'm sure you've been bombarded with ideas, suggestions, and crazy solutions for growing your brand, but are they are good fit for your situation? You need tactical steps to build your brand that attracts clients.

My suggestion is to keep it as simple as possible and add on as the need arises.

So, if you like lots of shiny objects in your life, then we are not on the same page. Following the path of all the online gurus will keep you chasing your tail. Simple is best and taking baby steps to get you to the goal.

And what happens to a mind that's confused? NOTHING happens, because you find yourself stuck in analysis paralysis. 

is this

What's keeping
you up
at night?

What's the puzzle that you can't seem to solve? Are you wondering how to get more traffic to your store or website? Are you bringing in your ideal customer, the low-rent, or freebie seekers?

Many a small business has gone under with the race to the lowest price with discounts and Groupons. Discounting can be poison to the small business that is attracting bargain hunters with overheads that continue to rise.

You start attracting your ideal customer who will pay premium prices when you have your story together. Everyone is not for you. So let's attract the right customer and repel everyone else. Others can look, but you only want people who will pay for your products and services. 

Your story will tell the ideal customer how you will save the day for them. You are the guide! You are the answer to their problems an answer to a prayer. When they read it or hear it they will be drawn to you like a bee to honey. It's the radio bandwidth that only they can hear.



The journey starts with your message or in StoryBrand terms, your Brandscript. Everything revolves around the primary story. Once you understand all the elements and the part you play in the story it all falls into place. 

You will start to look at how and what you do with new eyes. You'll have the cornerstone in place to build your Shiny Object Brand.

Let's start building your brand with your ideal clients who
pay premium prices!

P.S. Here's what you will get working with me:

  1. A ballpark quote while on the first call
  2. Someone who will try to find a solution you can afford.
  3. Results matter, degrees don't.  If you need to see examples, just ask.
  4. You pay doesn't matter how long or short it takes me to get it done.
  5. You'll get your work on-time, as promised
  6. No additional 'rush fees'. If I can squeeze you in - you're in.
  7. Great copy won't get the ball over the goal line without a good offer, clear path, right market, tactics, or strategies. It will still be great copy.
  8. Great copy is targeted to specific people with specific problems. It's laser focused on the ideal customer and repels anyone else.
  9. If I don't 'get your market' I'll tell you. I do decline to work on certain topics and niches.