Why the StoryBrand Process Will Be A Game-Changer 

For Your Business.

Becoming a Seriously Happy Special Needs Mom, by Linda James Bennett

In life ​there's always a story to tell and getting it straight will make or break you. Most businesses mistakenly position themselves as the hero for their customer's problem.  Easy to do.  And it happens all the time.

But the best story positions your customer as the hero and your product saving his bacon. The uber-successful business understands the importance of creating the right hero in their story - the customer.

When the story is skillfully crafted, it will:

  • ​bring customers to your door with ease
  • ​generate sales like never before
  • ​create raving fans
  • ​fascinate your customers 
  • ​eliminate confusion and frustration for everyone

​A simple and effective marketing formula.

Hi, I'm Linda James Bennett,

a certified StoryBrand Guide, copywriter and author. 

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