VoltageTester - Shiny Object Marketing,StoryBrand Certified, Orlando, Fl

You're a Shiny Object: Let's turn up your voltage

The interview is how we create your Shiny Story, based on the StoryBrand framework.

We'll be addressing the critical elements of your business process, taking it step by step. We'll be looking for opportunities to clarify your message and marketing flow. And asking the question - is there money on the table that you're overlooking.

Let's define your brand, where you're unique and memorable.

Finding what sets you apart from your competition is the heart of being the most Shiny Object in your industry.

I'll identify the missing elements in your brand that make you relevant to your target market.

We Dive Deep

The time we spend time together, we'll be diving deep into your business. Brainstorming possibilities while applying the StoryBrand formula of copywriting, marketing, and branding.

We'll look at what is currently working and how to cut in line and be the Shiny Object that others desire.

We'll be pushing the envelope with ideas to give you a foundation for the future.

What do you get when we're finished?

  • You'll have a 2 hour video recording, full of examples
  • My report full of Voltage Boosting ideas customized for you.

Includes a 2 hour interview and a report that identifies your
Shiny Object opportunities and a plan to move forward


(*This cost will be applied to any Shine Story moving forward)